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  • 20120712

    New documents were released today in two cases we've been following here on RC.

    The Freeh Report shows that former Penn State University football coach Joe Paterno and former Penn State University president Graham Spanier, among other high ranking university officials, looked the other way while now convicted child molester Jerry Sandusky carried on with his predatory activities.

    Click Here To Read The Freeh Report

    Click Here To Discuss The Freeh Report

    There was also a new doc dump in the case against George Zimmerman who is charged with second-degree...

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  • 20120622

    Jerry Sandusky was found guilty on 45 of 48 counts and is headed straight to jail. A motion to allow him to stay under house arrest until sentencing was denied.

    The following link will allow you to view the latest tweets and comment on the Sandusky Trial thread at the same time.

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  • 20120617

    Brittney Wood, 19, of Tillmans Corner, AL hasn’t been seen by her family since Wednesday, May 30. She is 5′ 3″, 105 lbs, with dirty blond hair and blue eyes. Brittney’s mother, Chessie Wood, says Brittney is addicted to Facebook, but hasn’t posted anything since the night she was last seen. Brittney told her mother that she was going to visit friends and left home on foot. Brittney’s stepmother, Stephanie Hanke, says Brittney isn’t the type to run away and would never leave her two-year-old daughter like this.

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  • 20110927

    We've set up a live stream and chat for those of you who want to watch the trial of Michael Jackson's doctor, Conrad Murray. You need to be registered and logged in for the chat portion of the page to work. Please be respectful to other members and stay on topic when court is in session. Click the link below to watch the trial and chat with us.

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  • 20110704
    The state finished closing arguments this morning and we are now anxiously awaiting a verdict in the case against Casey Anthony. Please join us in our live stream chat while we await the verdict.

    Here is this morning's prosecution rebuttal.

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  • 20110510
    We have a new feature that allows you to chat and watch Casey Anthony's trial live on the same page. You need to be registered and logged in for the chat portion of the page to work. The video will work when court is in session. Click the link below to watch the trial and chat with us.

    Anytime you don't...

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  • 20110118
    I'd like to thank Ann - Tx for writing the following article about Jonathan Foster.

    Jonathan Paul Foster
    Jonathan Paul Foster, age 12, of northwest Houston, Texas was kidnapped on Christmas Eve,
    December 24, 2010, from his home while his mother, Angela Davis, was at work.

    It is believed Jonathan was murdered, by his kidnapper, sometime during the afternoon of
    December 24, 2010.

    Houston police said Mona Yvette Nelson, age...

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  • 20100922

    WESH is reporting that Michael Antonello and Jennifer Killins have been added to the defense's witness list in the Casey Anthony case.

    Michael Antonello is also on the state's witness list. He is general counsel for American Media who publishes the Globe magazine. He turned over six photographs of Caylee Anthony to detectives in which she was wearing the pink "big trouble comes in small package" t-shirt. He confirmed that Ricardo Morales had sold those photographs...

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  • 20100921


    Coe in custody after being arrested earlier in the day on August 10, 2009. Ironically, he is wearing a t-shirt with the following: "It's...

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  • 20100714
    Snaz started a thread where we are collecting all the videos we can find about the Anthony case from day one. Here are a few. Check the following thread for more.

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  • 20100530

    Memorial Day History


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  • 20100523
    I'm sad right now because it was a year ago around 6:30 on a Sunday evening when Nevaeh Buchanan disappeared. Nevaeh, we will always remember you and pray that your killer is someday brought to justice.

    R.I.P. Monroe's Little Angel!

    Here is a great tribute made around the time of Nevaeh's funeral last year.

    A Song To Remember Nevaeh
    And here is a beautiful tribute I found on youtube.

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  • 20100430
    Here are the videos of John Gardner's interview with CBS 8 in San Diego.

    Part 1

    Part 2

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  • 20100318
    Here is a video of this morning's hearing to determine whether Casey Anthony is indigent. Judge Strickland is waiting for an itemized breakdown of how the defense spent $275,000 before he makes a ruling.

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  • 20100317
    All this talk about the A's has caused kh to pause and think........


    How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
    I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach...... Well, maybe not that much, but I admit it! I love Cindy! I love what she says! I love what she does! I love the way she looks! I love her insults! I love her lies! I love the way she struts! I love the way she swings a hammer! I love Cindy as unconditionally as Elizabeth Barrett Browning cherished her secret...

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  • 20100314
    Database can crack missing person cases - if used

    A new online database promises to crack some of the nation's 100,000 missing persons cases and provide answers to desperate families, but only a fraction of law enforcement agencies are using it.

    The clearinghouse, dubbed NamUs (Name Us), offers a quick way to check whether a missing loved one might be among the 40,000 sets of unidentified...

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  • 20100226
    Too many children have died at the hands of their mother's boyfriends, many of whom had a violent past that the mothers were fully aware of. It looks like Jozlynn Mari Martinez is the latest victim. Aveion Lewis, Robert Manwill and many others have suffered the same fate. Marc Bookal disappeared under his mom's boyfriend's watch and still hasn't been found, and Aja Johnson was abducted by her mother's boyfriend Lester Hobbs after most likely witnessing Hobbs murder her mother.

    Thirty-five percent of child abuse deaths in Hamilton County, Ohio were at the hands of their mother's...

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  • 20100224
    Harrell phone calls to mom from jail (Includes transcripts below)
    Feb. 24, 2010

    Action News has exclusive...

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  • 20100218


    NEWLY ADDED.....MARCH 5, 2010
    Putnam Drug Bust: New Misty Croslin Jail Video, New Donna Brock Jail Audio
    March 5th, 2010

    This update just in from...

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  • 20100109
    In the video, the coward claims that he's had mental problems for 18 years. He also claims that he didn't know what he was doing and can't believe he did all this. If he is trying to set up an insanity defense, I doubt that it's going to work. He carefully planned and methodically carried out the murders. He bought guns and bullets just days before the killings. He took money out of the bank, tuned up his car, and filled up his gas tank so that he would be ready to go on the run and hide out after he committed the murders. He knew to cover his car once he got to the hotel so people wouldn't...

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  • 20100107
    Here is an exclusive interview that George Anthony gave to FOX 35. He mostly talks about living under a microscope. Many people don't have any sympathy for the Anthonys, and they often don't deserve any considering that they seem more interested in having Casey found not guilty than they do in seeking justice for Caylee. However, to answer the question that George often asks, there is no way in the world that I would want to change places with him and walk in his shoes.

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  • 20091229
    I decided to give away at least three copies of "Mommy's Little Girl by Diane Fanning" for the start of the New Year. I will hold a random drawing among the members that post here, between now & New Years Day at noon, EST (my time, lol). That is when I will draw names.

    Tell us what you like or dislike about Reality Chatter. Tell us what you would like to see here, at Reality Chatter in the coming year. Tell us a funny New Years story...Or just post your New Years Resolutions.

    All members who post on the thread below, will be entered into a random drawing for...

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  • 20091223
    We shall find peace. We shall hear angels. We shall see the sky sparkling with diamonds. ~ Anton Chekov

    The single clenched fist lifted and ready,
    Or the open hand held out and waiting.
    For we meet by one or the other. ~ Carl Sandburg

    You can't shake hands...

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  • 20091220
    Someone finally logged into the Zenaida Myspace page that many people think was created by Casey Anthony. They believe that it was more than a coincidence that the page was created the day Caylee went missing, and that the last login before today was the day that Casey went to jail. Here are a few good articles explaining why it might have been Casey who created the page.

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  • 20091219
    khintx wrote:What makes a creative writer write?

    Or maybe I should ask: What makes a creative writer creative?

    Well, for one thing, it's tons of fun! It can be therapeutic too. It can be beautiful. It can be ugly. It can cause the author and the reader to laugh or cry. Or even be disgusted. Or all of the above! It allows us to throw off our "known selves" and wade right into another personality! Or even another world! We...

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  • 20091207
    Here is the entire 48 Hours episode from December 5, 2009 featuring Peter Van Sant's in-depth report on the Amanda Knox case. Knox and her boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, were found guilty of murder. Knox was sentenced to 26 years in prison and Sollecito was sentenced to 25 years.

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  • 20091111
    It's Veterans Day 2009. We have been celebrating this day for 90 years now. Formerly known as "Armistice Day" and in many places called "Remembrance Day", it is the anniversary that memorializes and commemorates the end of World War I when the Armistice Treaty was signed on the 11th day of the 11th month at the 11th hour in 1918, thus ending "The War To End All Wars." It later became a day to celebrate the service and lives of all Veterans of every war as, sadly, the Great War did not in fact end all wars.

    There are so many heroes. So many losses. So much...

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  • 20091109
    Which Veteran Will You Remember On Veteran's Day?

    I will remember my Grandfather. In the two minutes of silence. The eleventh month, the eleventh day, the eleventh hour. My Grandfather, a man who sent many souls to heaven, before he saved many souls.

    Fort Hood, Texas? The gunman there last week said, "I am Muslim first, American second." As he opened fire on innocent American military he shouted, "Allahu Akbar" - God is great!

    by eva - Comments: 18 - Views: 2348
  • 20091108

    by Justice4all - Comments: 6 - Views: 9999
  • 20091031
    On November 2nd, 1976 my daughter was born. I never got to hold her, or feed her or change her diaper. I never got to name her. I was 17 years old, unmarried. My boyfriend had moved on. I had just relocated four thousand miles from my home and decided after much agonizing that I would give my baby up for adoption. People would often stare, seeing a young girl so pregnant, but I held my head up as though I were sniffing pies in heaven. I was terrified, but I was sure of my decision. I wanted her to have everything that I was unable to give her. I wanted her to have two parents, a nice home, a stable...

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  • 20091030
    Why do some people feel that it isn't necessary to keep an eye on their kids? I came across a video where a teenage girl touches an electric fence and then encourages her younger brothers to touch the fence.


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  • 20091022
    Do you have a Clean Slate in your world? Would you like one? Each morning I endeavor to awaken to a Clean Slate. Doesn't that sound divine? Like a fresh newborn baby, puppy, kitten or unicorn. No negative past to darken, hinder and dampen the promise of this new, as yet uncharted day. None of yesterday's or yesteryear's ugliness to infect my Now moment. What is the magical secret? Do you ever choose the path less traveled? Do you ever choose the Higher Road?

    “I shall be telling this with a sigh - Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I - I took the...

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  • 20091022

    Well, friends, it's another rainy day deep in the heart of East Texas. The temperatures have dropped 30+ degrees from a few weeks ago and the smell of autumn is in the air. The worst drought in decades is all but forgotten and we find ourselves thinking about one thing-Halloween! And you know what that means! What, oh what, to wear!

    Here is my top 10 list of who's who in the costume categories for the new millennium. They're easy and economical! So no excuses for not dressing up and getting in the spirit!

    1. Balloon...

    by khintx - Comments: 5 - Views: 2610
  • 20091020

    Question: How many dirty birds can you fit in one nest before they start pooping on each others heads? Answer: This many-

    1. We have Jose Baez (AKA: Jaunnie Cochran)- self proclaimed Hispanic superman who not only breaks race barriers, but believes he has some kind of super powers allowing him to fight the "forces of darkness" that have descended upon his wholly innocent client. Leaning heavily on ill-written and researched emergency motions, as well as red-licorice Twizzlers, Jose sticks by...

    by khintx - Comments: 15 - Views: 2375
  • 20091018
    We would like to start "Blog Articles" here at RC. Any subject (within reason) at least two paragraphs long and always in your own words. The five newest Blog articles will always be featured on the homepage. It is okay to provide links to documents or to embed videos, but please don't copy and paste newspaper articles. The articles will be open to the public for reading & comments.

    All articles will need to be sent to one of us for proof reading and authorization to post in the new "RC Blog" Section. If you are interested in being a writer for the RC Blog, please...

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  • 20091018
    Here is the entire 48 Hours episode about Caylee Anthony from last night.

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  • 20091017
    On the evening of Sunday, May 24, 2009, five-year-old Nevaeh Buchanan of Monroe, MI was playing outside on her scooter without parental supervision. A little girl came to the door to tell Nevaeh’s mother, Jennifer Buchanan, that Nevaeh was riding her scooter in the road. Jennifer went outside to tell Nevaeh to stay on the sidewalk, but just that quick, Nevaeh had vanished. A massive search got underway with no success. Roy Smith and George Kennedy, two sex offenders with ties to Jennifer Buchanan, were arrested almost immediately for being associated with a child,...

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  • 20091016
    An episode of 48 Hours titled "The Untold Story of Caylee Anthony" will air tomorrow, Saturday, Oct. 17 at 10 p.m. ET/PT. They will talk to three members of Casey Anthony's defense team and take an in depth look at the case. I plan on watching even though it gets frustrating watching George and Cindy lie, and watching Casey's defense put their twisted spin on things.

    Here are a couple previews of the episode.

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  • 20091016

    by Justice4all - Comments: 2 - Views: 1543
  • 20091016
    On Tuesday, October 13, Simon Barrett of Blogger News Network conducted a one on one interview with William “Cobra” Staubs. You can listen below.

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