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  • 20120712

    New documents were released today in two cases we've been following here on RC.

    The Freeh Report shows that former Penn State University football coach Joe Paterno and former Penn State University president Graham Spanier, among other high ranking university officials, looked the other way while now convicted child molester Jerry Sandusky carried on with his predatory activities.

    Click Here To Read The Freeh Report

    Click Here To Discuss The Freeh Report

    There was also a new doc dump in the case against George Zimmerman who is charged with second-degree...

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  • 20120622

    Jerry Sandusky was found guilty on 45 of 48 counts and is headed straight to jail. A motion to allow him to stay under house arrest until sentencing was denied.

    The following link will allow you to view the latest tweets and comment on the Sandusky Trial thread at the same time.

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  • 20120617

    Brittney Wood, 19, of Tillmans Corner, AL hasn’t been seen by her family since Wednesday, May 30. She is 5′ 3″, 105 lbs, with dirty blond hair and blue eyes. Brittney’s mother, Chessie Wood, says Brittney is addicted to Facebook, but hasn’t posted anything since the night she was last seen. Brittney told her mother that she was going to visit friends and left home on foot. Brittney’s stepmother, Stephanie Hanke, says Brittney isn’t the type to run away and would never leave her two-year-old daughter like this.

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  • 20110927

    We've set up a live stream and chat for those of you who want to watch the trial of Michael Jackson's doctor, Conrad Murray. You need to be registered and logged in for the chat portion of the page to work. Please be respectful to other members and stay on topic when court is in session. Click the link below to watch the trial and chat with us.

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  • 20110704
    The state finished closing arguments this morning and we are now anxiously awaiting a verdict in the case against Casey Anthony. Please join us in our live stream chat while we await the verdict.

    Here is this morning's prosecution rebuttal.

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  • 20110510
    We have a new feature that allows you to chat and watch Casey Anthony's trial live on the same page. You need to be registered and logged in for the chat portion of the page to work. The video will work when court is in session. Click the link below to watch the trial and chat with us.

    Anytime you don't...

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  • 20110118
    I'd like to thank Ann - Tx for writing the following article about Jonathan Foster.

    Jonathan Paul Foster
    Jonathan Paul Foster, age 12, of northwest Houston, Texas was kidnapped on Christmas Eve,
    December 24, 2010, from his home while his mother, Angela Davis, was at work.

    It is believed Jonathan was murdered, by his kidnapper, sometime during the afternoon of
    December 24, 2010.

    Houston police said Mona Yvette Nelson, age...

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  • 20100922

    WESH is reporting that Michael Antonello and Jennifer Killins have been added to the defense's witness list in the Casey Anthony case.

    Michael Antonello is also on the state's witness list. He is general counsel for American Media who publishes the Globe magazine. He turned over six photographs of Caylee Anthony to detectives in which she was wearing the pink "big trouble comes in small package" t-shirt. He confirmed that Ricardo Morales had sold those photographs...

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  • 20100921


    Coe in custody after being arrested earlier in the day on August 10, 2009. Ironically, he is wearing a t-shirt with the following: "It's...

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  • 20100714
    Snaz started a thread where we are collecting all the videos we can find about the Anthony case from day one. Here are a few. Check the following thread for more.

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  • 20100530