911 Call Released In Love Triangle Murder

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911 Call Released In Love Triangle Murder

Post by Guest on Sat Jul 25, 2009 3:32 am

911 Call Released In Love Triangle Murder

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. -- Eyewitness News obtained a 911 call that a terrified Rockledge woman made this week as her ex-boyfriend murdered her boyfriend.

Brevard County's on track for one of the deadliest years in its history. If the murders don't stop, 2009 could rival the deadliest year in Brevard's history, which was 1986, when 48 people were killed.

Kenneth Moore was the first of three murdered this week alone. Police are still trying to find his killer and were handing out flyers Friday.

911 CALL: Terrified Woman Calls For Help

Whispering from inside a closet, Tonya Dukes called 911 after a gunman broke into the Rockledge home.

Dispatcher: "I can't hardly hear you."

Tonya Dukes: "I'm hiding. I'm hiding."

Dispatcher: "You're hiding. Okay. Well what's going on?"

Tonya Dukes: "He's been shot."

Her boyfriend, Kenneth Moore Jr., had just been shot three times and killed. During the call, Dukes quietly begged the 911 operator for help.

Tonya Dukes: "Please, please, please. I'm scared."

Police say the intruder was Alvin Terrific Adderley, Duke's ex-boyfriend and the father of her child. She broke it off with him earlier in the month.

Dukes was so scared even after police showed up that it took coaxing to get her out of the home.

Dispatcher: "I know you are scared, you have your cell phone. Stay on the phone with me and go out the front door."

Adderley has since vanished. Police started distributing flyers and are following up on tips from across the state and elsewhere.

"Some of them are panning out, some of them aren't, but we are very, very thankful the community is stepping up," Michael Cadore of the Rockledge Police Department said.

Moore is one of 21 people killed in Brevard County in the first seven months of 2009. That's just six shy of the 27 people killed in all of 2008.

Tonya Dukes: "Kenneth is shot, please help Kenneth, please, please, please."

While Adderley is on the run, Dukes remains under police protection.

The funeral for Kenneth Moore Jr. will be held Saturday at 11:00am at the Greater St. Paul Baptist Church in Cocoa.


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