Gordon Brown Bigoted Scandal Causes Row In Britain

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Gordon Brown Bigoted Scandal Causes Row In Britain

Post by NiveaA on Thu May 06, 2010 6:47 am

A campaign trail blunder by the incumbent Prime Minister of Excellent Britain, Gordon Brown has people in an uproar. After a short exchange with one Gillian Duffy, he called her a bigoted woman and didn't know his microphone was nevertheless on. The fallout concerning the Gordon Brown bigoted remarks has not been positive. Currently, a hung parliament is a real concern. That takes a lot more than a cash advance or two of campaign funds to sort out, if it occurs.

The scene of the Gordon Brown bigoted scandal

While on the campaign trail in Rochdale, a borough of Manchester (evidently there’s a city to go with the football team), Brown had a brief exchange with city resident Gillian Duffy, a retired 65-year-old former council worker. After they finished talking, he went back to his car. According to The Guardian, he started criticizing his aides for putting him in that position, and referred to her as a "sort of bigoted woman". He practically gave opposing candidates a quick payday.

The plot thickens

First, part of his concern was with television airing the footage. The second irony, and also the big one, is that he said all this, forgetting the microphone on his lapel was still on. It also just so happens that Gillian Duffy is a thorough supporter of the Labor Party and had voted for Brown previously. She won't be any more.

Brown tries to brown nose

Prime Minister Brown, as outlined by The Telegraph, phoned Mrs. Duffy personally and apologized. Reportedly, she was fuming over the remarks. He tried to qualify his remarks to BBC2, by saying she had things alluding to too numerous Eastern Europeans moving to Good Britain.

The opposition drools

This is totally a bad time for Brown. Nick Clegg and the emerging Liberal Democrats are making the aim of Labor or Conservative parties from establishing a parliamentary majority. A hung parliament last occurred in 1974, lasting for 8 months.

Resources for the article

The Guardian


The Telegraph



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