BB11 Daily Recap July 20, 2009

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BB11 Daily Recap July 20, 2009

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A very bad day for Ronnie

7:26 AM BBT: Good morning HGs it's time to get up for the day, then FISH.

Mon 7:43 AM BBT: Jeff eating in KT, Russell walking about peeling grapefruit. Wish they would tell us what's up. I feel like I'm going fishing because I'm up so early. Russell laughs and mentions hunting. They start talking about the wakeup music. BB Voice: The bedroom lights must remain on during the day.

Mon 9:19 AM BBT: Jordan Jeff & Laura in green room. Laura saying how even from the beginning 'they' never liked her. Laura and Jordan talking about how the two prettiest girls will be on the block.

Mon 11:31 AM BBT: Outdoor lockdown, veto ceremony must be starting soon.

Mon 11:42 AM BBT: We got fish then trivia pov ceremony.

Mon 12:32 PM BBT: Feeds are Back

Mon 12:36 PM BBT: Jordan is nominated

Mon 12:38 PM BBT: Jordan says Ronnie is going up if she stays and wins HOH. Jordan and Casey agree that it's sad that they are the ones who were nice to Ron and Ron sided with the people who talked about him (Russ/Nat)

Mon 12:40 PM BBT: Jordan says that Ron thinks Jess will protect him. She says she hopes Russ wins HOH and get Ron out. Jeff and Casey agree.that they need to pull Russ over. Casey says they have to do it slowly.

Mon 12:41 PM BBT: Casey says Russ's jealousy is growing. He tells Jordan not to say anything about it. He also says they shouldn't give Laura any sympathy votes, it will only draw more attention. He feels bad, but says they have to play the game.

Mon 12:43 PM BBT: Jordan wonders if Michelle would do what Ron did and put them up. Casey doesn't think so. Michelle comes out and Casey asks her. Michelle says she won't.

Mon 1:12 PM BBT: Laura says I wish it were Thursday so I don't have to wait all F'n week. She and Jordan are laying out. Laura says she's really tempted to eat. Jordan tells her to go to the DR and ask. Laura says they will tell her no.

Mon 1:21 PM BBT: Casey says he just wants to spread around the misery a little bit, see someone else walk around with a sad face. Jeff agrees. They say the other side has had nothing but happiness and laughing at each other’s bad jokes. Jeff says their jokes are better.

Mon 1:25 PM BBT: Jordan and kevin talking in the recycle room. Jordan says that the athletes will just use Ronnie until they no longer need him. He asks her if she would put him up and she says no. They both agree that Ronnie is a puppet being controlled.

Mon 1:49 PM BBT: Nat is talking to Laura, Casey and Michelle in the BY. She is venting that she's being picked on by the others. She said they keep telling Lydia that she looks busted (Lu=ydia is wearing Nat's clothes today) and Nat says that's an insult to her.

Mon 3:26 PM BBT: Lydia and Russel talking about splitting up Natalie and Jessie. Russ says Jess will become your best friend if you're HOH. Lydia says if she gets HOH she's not letting Nat use her shower and sleep in her bed. Russ says he won't either. They're trashing Nat. Russel is now trashing Ronnie, says he thinks he's smarter than everyone.

Mon 3:42 PM BBT: Jessie, Nat and Jeff in pool talking about teaming up and Jeff said it is easy to put up him or Jordon, no risk in it. Not one playing the game really. But then Jessie said he would like to leave them 4 together the whole time is the plan with Jessie and Nat and Russ and Jeff, jessie says were all athletes here. We can all stay safe. Then Russ walks up and Nat says we want him to fight, meaning Jeff for the HOH. We win the next two weeks then we all get to the jury house, majority rules, just us, tough pill to swallow for others said Russ. During POV meeting they all said they were nervous.

Jeff said during this meeting, Are you crazy? Jessie said until it’s done, and you’re not up, your shittin bricks. Joke even when he was HOH, he was worried the twist was that he would go home! Russ said about how to cheat during games. Keep our answers the same. Then Jessie tells Jeff how you can cheat with answer a or b. Cause you can hear the click of them flipping it then it went to Jeff who said oh if you don't hear the other click then keep the same answer.

Mon 4:23 PM BBT: Ronnie lying about putting up Jeff and now putting up Jordon and how it is only helping Jordon, and retelling the story he told Michelle, but of course adding a lot to it. Ronnie saying he did EVERYONE a SOLID this week.

Mon 6:11 PM BBT: Jordan tells Russell she told Ronnie she hoped Russell would win HOH and put him up. Russell smiled and said what goes around comes around. Jordan said no one can trust Ronnie if he could do that to the people who were actually nice to him. Russell says he's going outside, but wants to talk to her later.

Mon 6:20 PM BBT: Russel tells Casey the first one he wants out is Ronnie.

Mon 9:09 PM BBT: Russell tells Laura that he's going to try to get rid of Ronnie if he can, and that he lied in order to save himself this week. He's annoyed that everybody is so starstruck at Jessie, that he doesn't even talk to him very much anymore. Laura said she knew everything that was happening but there wasn't anything they could do. She really wants to get Ronnie out of the house too, and she's pissed because what are the chances that Jordan can win an HOH to get the job done.

Mon 9:34 PM BBT: Nat/Jessie says that they aren't going to say anything to Russell anymore. Ronnie comes in and says that Russell is clearly talking game with Casey and others. Lydia tells Ronnie not to talk game with Russell anymore. Ronnie thinks that Russell is going to convince Casey to put Ronnie up. Jessie thinks that he's screwed, that a lot of people will go after him (Jessie).

Mon 9:54 PM BBT HG's gets beer and wine!

Mon 9:56 PM BBT Laura "I'm a better ally than Jordan, if she was gone we can convince Jeff of stuff easier"

Mon 10:04 PM BBT Ronnie tells Laura that someone is talking sh*t about everybody. Ronnie swears to God that it's not him. That Michele or Russell must be the guilty ones. Laura promises she won't tell anybody about this conversation.

Mon 10:12 PM BBT Lydia tells Natalie/Jessie that Russell is in BY calling Jessie/Natalie/Ronnie schemers. That he also was starting to pick on Kevin. Natalie says that they protected him twice already and can't do that anymore.

Mon 11:25 PM BBT Lydia, Nat, Chima and Ronnie in HOH talking. I'm going to drop a bombshell on all of you. Laura spilled everything. Russell is trying to evict us. (paraphrasing) Don't say anything to I am finished, I am starting to believe Laura....she promises...if she leaves and we don't win HOH, me you and Jesse are leaving next week. Laura told him that Russel will try and flip the sides and make sure that Laura stays this week. Chima says, we should have gotten rid of Russell. And we listened to you and Jesse. Ronnie says, I should have listened to you. Ronnie goes on to say, I have another idea, if is majority rules, we are going to switch it to "B". We start with A, then will switch it to B. (talking about next HOH comp.)

Mon 11:39 PM BBT Lydia yelling: "Jessie isn't Zeus and this ain't Mount Olympus. Natalie trying to get them to tow the line. Lydia yells: You're not worried about Russell because you're on his team and he can't put you up. Nat: It's not about that. It's that Jessie will take care of winning HOH and he'll take care of Russell. You think is going to fall short and let Russell get ahead of him? Ronnie: Let's not raise our voices. Chima: So all this noise about Russell wanting to get Casey out is bullsh**. Ronnie: Yes, they're working in tandem.

Mon 11:41 PM BBT Ronnie saying that because you Nat and Jesse wanted Russell safe now we are stuck with him. And now you want him out! Nat yelling at all of them. Ronnie: Oh I will go home now, because Laura will go home. Jordan/Jeff/Russell will put me up. Nat: Russell will not put you up. Ronnie trying to talk them into keeping Laura. Kevin and the rest are saying they want Laura out now!
Lydia is saying that Laura will say anything because she feels like a caged animal. I will tell Jordan, who will be a woman scorned, will do what I say, I will talk to her.

Nat: Your goal was to put two people up and have no enemies. Ronnie: That was not my goal. Chima: We should have put Russell up. Ronnie is agreeing and pissed that he listened to Nat and Jesse to not put Russell up. (Nat keeps rolling her eyes) They are all pretty much screaming at each other. Nat leaves room mad. Kevin: Just let her go, go watch her bad mouth us now. Lydia, we are doing like the athletes work here.

Tue 12:15 AM BBT Nat telling Russ about the HOH discussion and telling Russ how she fought for him. Russ: How does everyone come into play? Who was in the room? Nat tells him who was in the room. Nat tells Russ it was Ronnie who was saying all this stuff and no one else said anything. (lies). Russ is telling them that Laura is going to say what she wants so she can stay. Jeff walks into the BY.
Jesse called to DR. (I think they said his name, but he is just sitting there). Russell gets up and goes back into the house to talk to Ronnie...they go in storage room.

Russ: This is getting ridiculous, I've told Jeff what is going on today..Jordan is not going home today. Laura did they exact same thing to Jesse, then she goes upstairs and talks to you. Stop being paranoid! (to Ronnie). Ronnie doing some fast talking. Just saying he told the HOH people what Laura said and that was it. Russ: This is where you went wrong, you listened to her. I was not going around trying to persuade votes for Laura. Ron...I did not say that, it was Laura. Russ: You told everyone in the room and they heard it, why do you tell everyone in the room, that puts a seed in their minds about me! Ronnie, that is not what happend. Laura gave her 30 sec. speel. We went uptairs to get frut roll ups. That is when I told them what Laura said. I was just simply relaying info. that was said to me. Nat walked out upset and I followed her to let her know what was going on and made sure she wasn't upset with me. Russ telling him, it was not cool to go around telling the whole group. Ronnie is saying, sorry I didn't know who is on the "tell" list. If you want it to be just us and Jesse and Nat, then I need to know who to talk to.

Russell still confronting Ronnie. I rather you come next time directly to me, I don't want anyone else in the room. I've been faithful to you the whole time. Ronnie, I've been faithful to you too. They hug it out and walk out of SR.

Tue 12:23 AM BBT Russel gets, Lydia, Chima, Kevin, Nat, Jesse, Ronnie in the bathroom he is telling them he was not campaigning to keep Laura. Ronnie saying that he just told them was Laura said to him and that is that. Russell says, you are back peddling! Ronnie trying to get the group on his side to back him up. (Chima called to DR) Russ to Ronnie, you are planting a seed of doubt. Ronnie: Quit talking down to me! Russ: I'm not talking down to me, you should have come to me instead of the whole I not making myself clear.

Jesse...ok I understand what u r saying, but what is your point? Russ: Of how this all looks, addressing the group and not talking to me. Ronnie, I didn't have the chance to talk to you. Russ, you had opportunity to talk to me. I want everyone to know here, how you spun things to make me look bad. It is fishy. Ronnie, that is now it happened.

Tue 12:39 AM BBT Russ is telling the BY crew that Ron is a F'n liar. He's really ired up. Casey and Jeff agreeing.

Tue 12:41 AM BBT Russ is still ranting about Ron. Nat joins the BY group. Casey saying "put him (Ronnie) up every week until her goes home!"

Tue 12:43 AM BBT Ronnie - in HOH to Chima, "I wanna go home next week" He says everything Laura just said was a lie. Chima: well why didn't you say this out there? Ronnie: I don't care. I want to go home next week. Everyone in this alliance is controlled by their emotions. I'm going to tell Natalie she runs her mouth, she's a loose cannon. Natalie confronted Laura without Jessie being around to control her. Laura was lying, she said all that. Chima keeps asking Ron why he didn't say anything outside. He says he doesn't care. Chima says you had everyone's attention, why didn't you say anything?

Ronnie knows he's busted, and it seems like Chima knows too now. Ronnie says I have one small comment for Laura, and she's going home this week. Chima says that hasn't changed. They go downstairs.

Tue 12:45 AM BBT: Ronnie tries to talk to Laura privately from the sliding door, someone yells (Russell?) you can say it in front of everyone. Ronnie yells out at Laura, "you're going home!" and slams the sliding door. He goes upstairs, locks the door, and sits on his bed. He seems to know the jig is up. WAY up.

Tue 1:00 AM BBT Everyone in the BY talking at once. Everyone talking about how Ron has lied and manipulated them all, and saying he's a F'n rat. Chima, Jeff, Jordan, Casey, Laura, Kev, Russ, Michelle and Nat are there. Chima tells them that Ron says he wants to go home. They all applaud.

Tue 1:02 AM BBT Jeff "That's not even his f*cking wife and cat up there... Who's cat is that?!"

Tue 1:11 AM BBT Laura to Ron: If I go home this week, that's fine. I will sit in my GD living room and watch these people run you out of this house. Lots of people yelling at Ron. Casey..Russ calling him out. Michelle yelling at him. Laura saying he was the one that split the house. Ron says he's not going to sit there and be seen as the one who did this.."vicious lies." Russ: Ron, you're going up next week, buddy.
Casey saying he's impressed because Ron got everyone (being sarcastic). Ron goes back up to HOH. Everyone else is still in the kitchen talking at once...being loud and laughing about Ron being a rat and wanting him out.

Tue 1:38 AM BBT Everyone is piecing back every fight in the house to something Ronnie said to start it.

Tue 1:40 AM BBT Ronnie sits up in his bed, pulls the covers up, he looks pretty defeated.

Tue 3:01 AM BBT They talk about ignoring Ronnie for the rest of his time in the house.

Tue 4:25 AM BBT Michele/Russ are talking in the pool room. She finally turns out the light and they say goodnight

Tue 4:38 AM BBT Ronnie is restless. He is laying in bed with his eyes open playing with the front of his hair.

Tue 6:49 AM BBT HG's are mostly all asleep now. Jesse didn't go up to talk to Ronnie for fear he would get caught. Looks like he is still tossing around in bed. Ronnie is finally dozing off.

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