Another Blemish on Florida

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Another Blemish on Florida

Post by Estee on Sat Sep 11, 2010 10:56 am

What can I say more than WOW...Here we have another media whore, Pastor Jones in Gainesville, Florida...Can you believe the nerve of this guy??? A small time Christian man with a congregation of about 50 and he wants/wanted to burn the Islamic Quran...And if that's not bad enough he wants to do it on the anniversary of the Twin Towers Tumbling Down - which is today...The outrage of it all...Quess he had a death wish, or is it a desire to travel non gratis...A freebie trip to NY to meet with the religious leader that wants to build a Mosque at the Twin Tower site...Bet he takes in all the sites while he's there...Hope he makes the return trip in time to stand in the pulpit tomorrow morning and tell of his meeting...Just this morning we hear that the head man in NY refused to meet with him...can you blame him??? After all, Pastor Jones had said that he would be "packing" at the burning...That tells me that a rational man he is NOT... He purports to be a man of God...Not only is he a blemish on Florida, but a blemish on the Christian Faith...Not very Christian like, huh??? Love one another, love your neighbor as yourself, hate the sin but love the sinner...PRAY for World Peace...Nope...Let's make a name for oneself...Let's see if "I" can get my name in ALL the papers, let's see if the President of the United States will have anything to say...Oh, heck this will probably be of such magnitude that it will rock the world...Make headlines everywhere...Mr. Jones (I don't even want to honor him by calling him Pastor) has really made a name for himself and his Bible thumping congregation...His son said this morning (my words) that even if his dad wasn't gonna burn the Holy book it didn't mean that he wouldn't...Now that's brains for ya....I certainly hope that this comes to a peaceful end; that Mr. Jones has a "come to God" moment and he sees the error of his ways and asks forgiveness...I know if I were him at St. Peter's Gate and was asked the BIG question, I wouldn't want to answer it by saying I almost caused a huge massacre and World War III...


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