An Example of Neighbors Looking the Other Way

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An Example of Neighbors Looking the Other Way

Post by pi-girl on Tue Aug 09, 2011 4:21 pm

Orem man arrested for allegedly taking porno photos of kids
The Salt Lake Tribune

First published Aug 08 2011 06:23PM
Updated Aug 8, 2011 11:30PM

An Orem man is accused of posing as a police officer to lure neighborhood children into his house, where he allegedly took pornographic photos of them.

A woman was visiting a resident near 50 East and 1100 South late last week when she saw David Morris Richards, 54, speaking with a young girl, said Orem police spokesman Craig Martinez.

“It didn’t feel right, so she started asking around some of the neighbors,” Martinez said.

She learned that Richards was particularly attentive toward young girls in the neighborhood, so she called police, Martinez said.

Investigators learned that Richards had been posing as a police officer, wearing uniform shirts with a badge and outfitting his car with emergency lights, Martinez said. The neighborhood children knew him as “Lieutenant D” and many had gone into his house, Martinez said.


BOLDED words above by me.


A woman who was not from the neighborhood thought something looked strange so she began asking neighbors and they actually told her this guy was sweet on the the kids, especially the girls? They knew this and did nothing?

Anyone else wonder what is wrong with this picture?


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