Mexicans Arrest Canadian Found With Body in Back of Pick-Up Truck

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Mexicans Arrest Canadian Found With Body in Back of Pick-Up Truck

Post by eva on Fri Oct 28, 2011 9:35 pm

OTTAWA - A Canadian arrested in Mexico City after a body was found in the back of his pickup truck told police that he hit a pedestrian and was taking him to the hospital, local authorities said Friday. In a summary of facts sent to The Canadian Press, the state public security department said that 48-year-old Bruno Nardi was arrested Tuesday night after police discovered a corpse lying in the cargo box.

Nardi, the department said, is a Canadian who has been living in Mexico for eight years and had resident status. There was no immediate information about Nardi's hometown or province. The authorities allege that Nardi had hit 78-year-old Gregorio Canseco Albogabo at an intersection shortly before he was ultimately stopped. Local newspapers reported that the windshield of Nardi's pickup was broken and that he had been speeding.

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