TOT mom or NOT mom...

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TOT mom or NOT mom...

Post by khintx on Sun Jan 01, 2012 12:17 am

Tot Mom or Not Mom?

On 12/11/2008 (3 years ago) little Caylee Anthony’s skeletal remains were found. She was thrown out like a piece of trash and hidden inside two hefty trash bags and a laundry bag. With duct tape across her mouth and her nose. (I can not even use duct tape to this day without thinkin of Caylee). Her mother never even reported her missing. Her mother lied to police, her parents, her friends, her “employers,” the whole world. Tossed in a swamp. Like trash. With duct tape.

But, where is the tot mom now?

Who knows?

Rag-mags have her living la vita loca ( or is it: la bella vita?) with a rich (yet consciousless?) sugar- daddy …………… what ever.

Of this I am sure:

Casey “tot mom” Anthony is not living the life she thought she would live when she got away with the cold blooded murder of her only precious child and semi-successfully pinned the blame on everyone from her own parents, to the meter man, to the only man who ever loved and accepted Casey AND Caylee for what they were.

Casey not only shat upon her own little baby, she had explosive diarrhea on anyone else who even nodded at her when she was passing a stolen check in the Tar-jay line or renting a movie at the video store with her boyfriend-of-the-hour. (Ahh, Tony, you are such a douche. Your parents must be so proud).

They were all fair game. That’s how Casey works. "It’s everyone else’s fault." "I am blameless." It was no surprise. Her parents seemed to agree and even fostered this perception. To them, "it was all understandable.” (Really?).

Really? How?

The most horrific turn of events came when she was signed, sealed and delivered by a court of law:


This shocked and hurt me greatly.

I made me think the world had gone topsy turvey.

I could not get over it.

It hurt and it hurt bad.

I had to get over it. I could not.

But then, something interesting happened.

The world at large has crushed it’s “new millennium rule.”

The “Thou Shalt Not Judge Lest Ye Be Judged” rule.

Let me be frank.

God gave us the ability to assess the information we are allowed to have and then make a judgment call.

It is an ability that I find youngsters tend to ignore. They should not.

Being “judgy” isn’t a bad thing. It’s a survival instinct.

It’s a normal thing.

You give me the info: 1 + 1 = ___________ and I will fill in the blank.

We all do it. Even if we don’t admit it.

But then something happened.

Casey got away with murder.

All murder is bad. Real bad. I cannot even fathom taking away another person’s life. Ever.

Murdering a baby is the worst.

I can’t decide if murdering your own baby is worse than murdering someone else’s.

But that is what she did.

And she got away with it.

For what?

To be famous?

To be fabulous?

To live La Bella Vita?

To be the belle of the ball?

Where is she tonight anyway?

Who drew the short straw and had to babysit Casey tonite? Is she still hiding behind a cheap wig and stolen sunglasses? Does she think anyone around her is there because they want to be? Hell to the No. It's just another crappy job. Maybe it pays slightly more than miniumum wage when you got a record. I dunno.

Even the new era “we don’t judge because that’s a bad thing to do” generation has turned their collective backs on her.

No one wants to see her, hear her, or even think about her.

They don’t even want to admit to laying their eyes upon her.

She is the object of global shunning. And shame.

As it should be.

In this day and age, society at large (which thanks to the internet means INTERnational, not just national) refuses to even look back at her or her despicable attorneys (think Bible Story: Pillar/Salt). We are afraid to even look. We don’t want to be infected. We don’t want to go there. We know better.


To deliberately avoid somebody: to avoid somebody or something intentionally

Can you believe that?

Where are you, Casey Anthony? Are you living la bella vita yet? I think not.

When people look up evil or injustice in the dictionary, a picture CASEY ANTHONY comes up.

You have no friends. No family. No lovers. No visible means of support. No book deal. No interviews. No skills. No education. No personality. (No birth control). No boyfriend. No events to plan at Fusion. No headlines. No anything-but-clothes parties. No conscious. No future. No buzz. No “it girl.” No reality show. No "ewws" amd "ahhhs."

We have chosen to forget you ever existed but forever remember what you did.

All you have to hold on to is the past that you wanted so desperately to dispose of as quickly and as painlessly as you dispatched your little baby girl.

But you will forever be tied down, bound, KNOWN and recognized for your own vanity and selfishness, your cold-heartedness and willingness to toss the death penalty at any passer by while you smirked and lied and bellied up to the bar or the next swingin dick (pardon my french). (PS: Tony and Jose, I'm talkin about you, bro's).


You have finally arrived.

You have finally achieved something.

You are the number one person in the world that NOBODY WANTS TO EVEN LOOK AT. It’s too painful for them. The world cannot bear your existence.

You smugly thought that you could get away with murder. And you almost did it.


You didn’t count on this though, did you?

Be careful what you wish for, Casey. Sometimes wishes come true.

And tonite, the last laff is on you.

The only reason you are anything is because you are nothing.

I am so done with you.

You’re holding me back.

I can’t get where I want to be with you hanging on.

Sound familiar?

Get used to it.



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Re: TOT mom or NOT mom...

Post by Julie on Sun Jan 01, 2012 10:30 am

kh, sounds like you need to "Punch Casey" every now and then.

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Re: TOT mom or NOT mom...

Post by Estee on Mon Jan 02, 2012 9:42 am

How eloquent kh...You said it all...My sentiments exactly..Begone with her, I say BEGONE...May she live her life as she likes and may she feel guilt every day of her life...GOD knows the truth from which she can't hide...

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Re: TOT mom or NOT mom...

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