Iron Lady - LDB Interview with Orlando Home & Leisure

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Iron Lady - LDB Interview with Orlando Home & Leisure

Post by Snaz on Sun Jun 03, 2012 2:39 pm

Excellent read about LDB:

Iron Lady
For the first time, Casey Anthony prosecutor Linda Drane Burdick opens up about her life, her icy image and the case that riveted a nation.

Article | May 31, 2012

Among the colorful cast of characters who gained prominence during last summer’s Casey Anthony murder trial, few emerged unsullied. Those whose reputations were actually enhanced as a result of that sordid, six-week circus included Belvin Perry, the no-nonsense judge who refused to suffer fools, and Linda Drane Burdick, the stoic assistant state attorney whose riveting rebuttal to the defense’s closing argument seemed certain to seal Anthony’s fate.

Anthony, as the world now knows, was the hard-partying, 22-year-old “tot mom” who was charged with murdering her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, simply because the child had become a hindrance to her active social life. The trial transfixed the nation and, for better or worse, made celebrities of feuding lawyers and dysfunctional family members. Anthony was revealed to be, at the very least, a boozy sociopath whose apparent callousness made her arguably the world’s most hated woman.

“What do guilty people do? They lie, they avoid, they run, they mislead,” Burdick, a seasoned prosecutor, told the jury. “Whose life was better without Caylee? That’s the only question you need to answer in considering why Caylee Marie Anthony was left on the side of the road dead.”

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