Jane's Addiction: Watching Jane Valez Mitchell turn into a predator

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Jane's Addiction: Watching Jane Valez Mitchell turn into a predator

Post by eva on Tue Jul 10, 2012 1:56 pm

JANE’S ADDICTION: Watching Jane Velez Mitchell turn into a predator:

Jane Velez Mitchell claims to be cured of all her addictions, yet it is clear to her ever-dwindling fan base that her addiction to drugs and alcohol have given way to a new one…

“Money and Fame”

at any price.

Case in point:

What if Casey Anthony was accused of chloroforming a neighbor’s dog then wrapping duct tape around it’s entire head and suffocating it?

What if she then drove around for three days with the body of the dead dog in the trunk of her car and partied with her friends? What if she eventually dumped the dog’s rotting body at a trash dump down the street from where she lived?

What if her so called “attorney” sent private investigators out to the dump site to find the dog’s body and destroy it, so that Casey Anthony could avoid paying for her cruelty and her crime against this animal?

What if the evidence was exactly the same…as it was in this trial?

The trial of a murdered child, except the victim was an animal instead of a tiny, helpless human being?


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