Statement analysis of Charlie Rogers

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Statement analysis of Charlie Rogers

Post by Hobnob on Sun Jul 29, 2012 8:36 pm

This woman claims to be a victim of a hate crime because she is a lesbian.
Nothing in her story, and that is just what it is, a story, indicates there was ever an assault by one man let alone 3.
3 being the liars number - Mark McClish
Her interview was not about saying what happened to her and asking for help to catch the culprits, rather it is all about defending her story.
She even tells us it is a story.
She even tells us that intellectually even she couldn't wrap her head around her story.
If she can't believe it neither can we.
Even LE have said they can't discount it being a hoax.

She now even has a fund set up.

It turns out that she has recently lost her job, was turned down for a job working with children, so does she feel angered that this is all because she is a lesbian?
She is also an activist.
Since most people are accepting of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered lifestyle these days, there is not much to be done to highlight their lifestyles and to get equalty, hate crimes are the obvious way to get attention for their cause.
Since she also introduced betrayal into the interview i have to wonder if perhaps a relationship has gone south or her advances have been rebuffed or unreciprocated.

She also introduces games into the topic and her being a pawn.
Is this a game to be played to get attention?
Was this someone else's idea?
Are others involved in the setting up of the story?

If you watch her video with the sound off you can see her smiling frequently during her answers both blatantly and as mico-expressions.

I wonder if LE will polygraph her to get to the truth since there is no evidence to show she was attacked by 3 men.
( the alleged words carved into her body could be scratches rather than deep as i would expect in a hate crime - words meant to send a message to others and to leave a permanent scar as a reminder)
Why paint words in the basement rather than in a main room and why paint a message when they intend to burn the house down?

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Re: Statement analysis of Charlie Rogers

Post by Hobnob on Mon Jul 30, 2012 6:54 pm

No one is questioning her story in the media, the ones who have vaguely hinted it may be a hoax are being immediately shouted down as being homophobic.

People should be able to question a story regardless of gender, sexual identity, race, nationality, skin color, religion, shoe size, blood group, favorite animal and so on without fear of being shouted down.
People lie.
They lie for many reasons.
Some for attention, some because of guilt, some because they have an agenda, some soease the pain.

If a story seems to good to be true, if it seems implausible, if it seems unbelievable we should have the right to say hang on here, something is off.

When this story is proven to be a hoax will she escape punishment because of her gender or sexuality?
Will she get the equivalent of a get out of free card because she had an agenda, she felt she had been wronged?

When someone lies to LE about a non existent crime, thus diverting time and money on a wold goose chase they should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
Resources wasted on a non existent crime or even a crime where the guilty person(s) lies to cover up their involvement should be claimed back, the resources could and should have been used on genuine crimes.
is there much difference between reporting a fake crime such as this attack and a parent killing their child ( billie dunn, shawn adkins, debbi & jeremy irving, sergio and becky celis, terri horman, casey anthony, the mccanns etc)We want justice for the victims when there is a genuine crime, we want the guilty prosecuted.
When a stroy doesn't add up, when the alleged victim spends time defending themselves and their story rather than using the time to demand help catching the culprits we have to ask why?
Innocent people don't have to defend themselves or their stories, they demand help catching the guilty.
Guilty people have to defend themselves and their story to avoid being caught and prosecuted.

If you too think something is off with her story and she should be questioned further and even polygraphed please post this link wherever you can.

Lets see who is willing to get to the truth since the media is staying quiet out of what? fear of being accused of homophobia, discrimination or anything else those with an agenda can think of.
let's see if we can get the media to actively investigate.

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