Op-Ed: Casey Anthony — Her contribution to popular culture

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Op-Ed: Casey Anthony — Her contribution to popular culture

Post by eva on Sat Jul 06, 2013 8:37 pm

Op-Ed: Casey Anthony — Her contribution to popular culture

Orlando - Two years ago today, Casey Anthony was acquitted of the murder of her young daughter. How will she be remembered by future generations?
There are those who believe there will be no civilisation on this planet a hundred years from now, but with that very minor caveat, how will the name Casey Marie Anthony be recorded, not only in the history books but in popular culture?
You will find a timeline of the case here, a case that was absolutely extraordinary, indeed unique. What other mother has "lost" her young daughter and not reported her missing after 31 days?
Defendants and litigants often lie in court proceedings, including innocent ones. Casey Anthony didn't take the stand at her trial — she didn't dare — but she lied repeatedly and grotesquely to the police and to all and sundry from the moment her daughter disappeared.
The trial was notable for many features:
The senior criminal trial judge in Florida.
Two people gaoled for contempt of court on two separate occasions.
Jose Baez, arguably one of the most bellicose lawyers ever to set foot inside a courtroom, a man who threw allegations and innuendo against anyone and everyone.
Grotesque allegations of sexual abuse against family members.
A media frenzy.
A shared hatred that united the nation across barriers of race, age and class.
And the dumbest jury ever empanelled in the State of Florida.


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