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Summer Safety

Post by Julie on Sun Jul 21, 2013 10:56 am

This is such a sad story, and just a reminder to parents to make sure their kids (and the parents) are securely fastened into these rides.

Mom dies after falling from roller coaster at Six Flags in Texas, witnesses say

Published July 20, 2013


"They didn't secure her right. One of the employees from the park -- one of the ladies -- she asked her to click her more than once, and they were like, `As long you heard it click, you're OK.' Everybody else is like, `Click, click, click.' Hers only clicked once. Hers was the only one that went down once, and she didn't feel safe, but they let her still get on the ride," Brown told The Dallas Morning News. reported that fire crews had to use a ladder truck to get to the platform below the roller coaster where the woman's body had fallen.

Arlington Fire Department investigators have not confirmed if the restraint came loose, according to the report. Investigators will try to determine Saturday if the woman was not properly secured by staff, as some witnesses accounts contend.

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