Erica Dunn forces her 6 year old child to stand near busy street with a sign - TX

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Erica Dunn forces her 6 year old child to stand near busy street with a sign - TX

Post by Ann - Tx on Sun Jan 26, 2014 12:00 pm

Erica Dunn, a mother of a six year old boy, from the College Station, TX area, made her son stand by a busy multi-lane street during rush hour and hold a sign saying he was bad in school.

This is disgusting!  This child is only 6 years old!  To see the bus drive by this child standing there holding a sign is horrifying.  I wonder how this mother would have felt if a vehicle lost control or was distracted and ran over and killed her child.

And . . .  the  College Station Police (CSP) said the child was not in danger because the mother was there.  Excuse me!  It is a danger for anyone to stand by a busy street holding a sign.  Distracts drivers and one could have easily ran over this child.  I am not impressed with CSP regarding this.

Note in the video that the mother is sitting on some type of utility box watching the child.  Who in their right mind would sit on that type of box. Could be electrical.  Not smart.

I will send this Link to CPS in Texas as well as various child advocate groups.  If Erica Dunn does this to her 6 year old child in public, I wonder what form of punishment she uses on this child behind closed doors.

CPS needs to urge this so called mother to attend parenting classes.  I wonder what the mother's background is.  

Perhaps this mother was seeking her "15 minutes of fame" from the media by publicly humiliating her 6 year old child!

This is not appropriate punishment for a 6 year old child. If he stole a library book as the mother claims, I wonder who taught him to steal. This mother says in the video that she is a single parent and is doing the best she can. Perhaps this mother needs to spend quality time with her 6 year old child and teach him right from wrong and not put him a few feet from a multi-lane highway during rush hour traffic while she sits on some type of metal box!

Just my opinion!

6-Year-Old Boy Stands On Street Corner With Sign As Public Punishment

Updated: Sat 10:47 PM, Jan 25, 2014

KBTX - Bryan, TX

COLLEGE STATION, Texas Public punishments are becoming a popular tactic for some parents trying to manage their kids behavior including here in College Station.

A mother made her son stand along a busy street this week holding a sign saying he had been bad in school.

Read more & view video.
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