Jon Gosselin on ABC secret lives

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Jon Gosselin on ABC secret lives

Post by IndyNile on Wed Sep 09, 2009 2:22 am

Im not sure if this is even worthy of its own thread, or if someone had already posted about it.

Im wondering if anyone watched Jon tonight on ABC? Is it me or does Jon Gosselin seem like he is on crack or something? My Gawd Jon, take it easy!

Ive watched this show from the very begining and I have felt so sorry for this guy. He has 8 kids to begin with, and then he has to be beaten up and put down by his ever so domineering (to put it lightly) wife.

Watching him tonight, Im feeling a little freaked out by this childish temper tantrum he's having tonight. If he's trying to do damage control, he's failing miserably.

Anyone feel the same?


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Re: Jon Gosselin on ABC secret lives

Post by FystyAngel on Wed Sep 09, 2009 2:29 am

Though I never watched the show, I did see him on something today. I think it may have been showbiz tonight (?) anyway, his eyes were all glossy & weirded out, lol. He was talking about how his wife "abused him". I don't know enough about him or the show to actually comment about his personality or whether he was really abused or not but I definately saw a difference in the man I saw on the variety of media outlets with the young thing on his arm, and the man I saw today, Laughing

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